Gamecocks shocks No.1 Wildcats, and NCAAM’s world

My best American friend, Scott, who is from University of South Carolina, gave me a lot of eagerness to go for Gamecocks since I have watched NCAAM. I had no hometown in US, so I had to choose one team that I would be mad about (you know, if you love at least one team in any league of sports, then you got more fun to watch). Scott introduced to me his college, and it’s perfect fit for me. I dislike a kind of contender team, and I love young, underdog team. USC is such a team like that. I don’t know much about the football team of USC, but it’s also fun to watch.

Yesterday, Chris, KS, and I, were really excited bout one game, USC vs. Kentucky. Kentucky Wildcats are number one team in this country, having really good depth, super freshman like Wall and Cousins, and pretty good head coach although I dislike him. Gamecocks, on the other hand, lost two second best players, and have an ace whose height is just 5’9” or so. And they’ve never beaten NO.1 team in their program history. But, however, they won, over Kentucky. It was amazingly fun, and super entertaining. Downey, the ace, made some shots and all of those were really tough, and pretty amazing from acrobatic. His dribbling was non-defensible. Wall is pretty good defender and Bledsoe is future lock down defender, but they never stopped him. The game was so close, and we never knew which team gonna win until the last seconds.

This is the one of virtues that the college sports have, and the reason why I love sports. (If you ask me to choose only one between sports and lover, oh God, I don’t know)  Of course there are lots of money games, but I believe there’s still purity of sports. Good work ethic, eagerness for the win, and sacrifice for the team can make a miracle sometimes. Watch the video from ESPN. The players will never forget the last night.